From tempting and teasing to selling and promoting, so much of marketing is focused on customer attraction and interaction. What’s often missed is the afterglow – the opportunity to reinforce a customer’s memory of that interaction with your product, service or brand. John Marshall and Don Clay, writing for, note that how a customer looks back on an experience will determine if they will return. Memories fire anew and rewire each time they’re conjured up. So, just image one of your customers firing up a pot and anticipating a cup of delicious tea – private labeled with your brand. A beautiful box or tin with your logo or message sits on the counter, and is viewed with each cup brewed and savored. The Tea Can Company has helped create the afterglow for businesses, museums, B&Bs, fundraisers and organizations of all kinds. See samples of our private label teas and signature tea can designs. Then, give us a call to create a special tea blend and packaging that continuously rekindles positive memories of you!