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Coconut Milk Tea – A Non-dairy, Superfood


The combination of coconut and tea is an herbal brew that provides you with a huge number of health benefits.   Tea is rich in polyphenolic compounds and antioxidants and coconut is rich in lauric acid, saturated fats, vitamin C, fiber, potassium, magnesium, and iron.  The two together make the ultimate superfood. Choose the Tea Can Company’s coconut tea blends or choose green, black or any tea of your liking and add some smooth coconut milk.  This gives you a smooth dash of cream without the trauma of dairy. Full-fat or low-fat versions are now readily available in boxes or cans.

Coconut tea can do great things for your body.  Here is a list of the many benefits you’ll receive if you drink this superfood:

Improved Cardiovascular Health – Fat is often bad for your health, but coconut tea has good fats like HDL cholesterol as well as lauric acid. These fats increase and maintain your cardiovascular health.

Assists Weight Loss – Coconut tea assists with appetite suppression.  It also speeds up metabolism.

Boosts Immune System – If you have a cold, coconut tea can help you recover faster.  It is packed with vitamin C, giving your immune system a boost and can improve your recovery time.

Lowers Blood Sugar – Coconut tea has properties that have proven to decrease blood sugar levels leading to fewer people  getting type 2 diabetes.

Healthier Liver – Antioxidant properties cleanse the liver of damaging toxins.  Coconut tea also has properties which help increase the liver’s effectiveness.

Healthier Skin – While coconut tea is not as effective as coconut oil, it still provides the antioxidants that can help treat skin issues like acne.

Fights Infections – Anti-microbial compounds like peptides can prevent bacterial infection by eliminating specific bacteria.  Lauric acid in coconut tea also inhibits viral and fungal infections.

Cancer Prevention – Both tea and coconut have antioxidant properties and have been highly recommended as a natural preventative remedy for symptoms of cancer.  Green, black and oolong tea combined with antioxidants in coconut, assist in fighting free radicals that are linked to cell destruction or mutations that could lead to cancer.

The Tea Can company has an excellent coconut blend that you can get right now: Coconut Milk Tea – A Non-dairy, Superfood and Coconut Joy – a candy tea without the calories.

COCONUT JOY TEA – This delectable blend of heavenly Coconut and distinctive Ceylon Black Tea will remind you of the classic candy bar – minus the calories. Ingredients:  Ceylon Black Tea, Coconut Flakes and Natural Coconut Flavoring, Contains Caffeine

Soon we will be adding new coconut blends for you to enjoy.  For more information, log on to our website at or call us at 215-766-2746.

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