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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Tea Gifts Available!

The Holiday Season is upon us! Which means it is time to start thinking about holiday gifts for all your loved ones, or even yourself. Lucky for you, we have just the gift for the tea lovers in your life here at The Tea Can Company – our Happy Holiday Tea Tins! Without having to step foot outside or fight the throngs of holiday shoppers, you can easily personalize and order these Holiday tea gifts right to your doorstep.

What are Happy Holiday Tea Gifts?

Our Holiday tea gifts are tea boxes that have festive, wintery, and holiday-related labels to get you in that festive holiday spirit. No matter if you’re looking for snowmen, tartan patterns, holiday wreaths, or even doves, we’ve got them all. With our wide selection of holiday season labels finding that perfect tea gift for all the tea lovers in your life is incredibly easy. And, to make it an even more special gift,  you can fill these tea boxes with their favorite tea from our wide-ranging selection or even be adventurous and give them a new tea to try, such as our chocolate truffle tea.

Our teas range from the traditional black teas and green teas to herbal tea blends such as Rooibos Chai, Moroccan Mint, and Cinnamon Apple Blossom for those friends and family who enjoy caffeine-free tea. There is a label and tea flavor for everyone! Also, our range of Holiday tea box sizes go from mini to tall. And for those who are more adventurous and would like to try multiple tea flavors, we have gift baskets and gift boxes that include several tea cans and other tea accessories to spice up their tea experience. With so many different options, you will have no problem in finding something suitable for all the different tea lovers in your life.

Customizing your Happy Holiday Tea Gift

Would you like to include a logo or image on your Holiday tea box to make your holiday gift that much more unique? Or is there a specific message you would like to include on the tea can for your friend or family member? Well, we do indeed offer customization options! We’ve got the ability to add messages to the front or side of the tea box or you can even upload your own image that you would like to include. You can customize our Happy Holiday tea can to your liking, making that holiday tea gift even more unique.