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  • Holiday Joy Berry
    Elderberry Goodness

  • Holiday Joy Berry
    Frosted Vanilla Chai

  • Holiday Joy Berry
    Passion Fruit

  • Holiday Joy Berry Tea Gift Box

  • Peace, Love, and Joy
    Tea Gift Box

  • Premium Tea Subscription Box by La Tea Dah

    $16.50 / month
  • Children’s Tea Gift Collection

  • Tea Gift for Little Princesses

  • Tea Gift for Little Pirates

  • Classic & Cozy Herbal Tea Collection

  • Luxe Tea Collection

  • Ribbon Sampler Tea Gift Box

  • Customizable Specialty Blend Large Snowflake Gift Basket for Holidays, Christmas, and Birthdays

    Large Snowflake Tea Gift Basket

  • 2 Can Tartan Snowflake Tea Gift Box Set with Honey Lollipop Stirrer for Christmas and other Holidays

    Snowflake Tea Gift Box

  • Holiday Joy Santa Tea Can Gift

  • Holiday Joy Snowman Tea Can Gift


Christmas Tea Gifts Available!

Christmas is a wonderful holiday filled with festivities and celebrations with family and friends. The only downside is the stress and headache of having to decide what Christmas gifts to get and buy for all your loved ones. Luckily, here at The Tea Can Company, we have a one-stop shop for the perfect Christmas gift for all the tea lovers in your life – our Christmas Tea Tins! With just a few clicks, you can personalize and order these Christmas tea boxes right to your doorstep from the comfort of your own home.

What is Our Christmas Tea Gift?

Our Christmas tea gifts include tea boxes that are decorated with festive, wintery, and Christmas-related labels. Whether you’re in the mood for reindeers, pine trees, Christmas ornaments, or snowflakes, we’ve got you covered. Our wide selection of holiday labels makes finding that perfect tea gift very easy. Not only can you choose the perfect label for your tea lover friends and family, you can also fill these tea boxes with their favorite tea from our wide-ranging selection of teas or give them a new tea to try. Our teas range from the traditional black tea of Earl Grey and Breakfast Blend to herbal blends such as Lemon Lavender, Moroccan Mint, and Cinnamon Apple Blossom for those who prefer caffeine-free tea. There is a label and tea flavor for everyone!

Our tea boxes range from mini to tall. Additionally, we have Christmas gift boxes and gift baskets that include multiple tea boxes and even some tea accessories. With so many different options, it will be easy to find something suitable for all the different tea lovers in your life.

Customizing your Christmas Tea Gift

Is there a logo or image that would make your Christmas tea gift that much more special? Or a specific inside joke that would be perfect for your friend or family member? Well, including them on your Christmas tea box would not be a problem at all! We’ve got the option for you to make your tea boxes even more personalized with the ability to add messages to the front or side of the tea box or upload any image. You can truly make this Christmas tea gift a personalized present for each of your loved ones.

The Christmas tea gift makes for a great personalized present whether for yourself or your loved ones. Start browsing our labels and tea selection to find the perfect mix for you!