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Private Label Brands

Consumer’s perceptions and attitudes toward private label brands are changing significantly. In the last 7-10 years private label branded market share rose across 74 percent of products in the grocery/food and beverage categories in the United States.

Private label brands represent over 20 percent of grocery store. Retailers are now taking private label and brand building innovation to heart. Developing a personalized label tailored to your store’s overall brand keeps the consumer focused on the product and not the manufacture. If you are shopping in a market that carries their own brand “Tea”, then the tea that has their name on the label must carry that stores values.

Consumers are actually starting to think that shopping private label food is a more valuable, and trusted decision. Plus, hand-crafted items support local businesses and communities.

Grocery and Gourmet Stores win with Private Label Teas and coffees. It is like a crafted beer— hand made equates to a better taste and value. Museums and Gift Stores win with the Private Label Products as they graphically showcase the experience of an exhibit or event to share with friends, family and the work place.

The Tea Can Company specializes in Private Label branding.
Donna McCafferty of The Tea Can Company says, “ We have found that our ability to design private label programs for our clients has significantly increased our business. We love watching our clients benefit from using their brand on our products. We become a team by bringing their brand to a higher level without spending hundreds of dollars.”

Private label consumable brands will lead the way.
Whether shopping on the internet or in your local grocer, the next generation of consumables will not come from name brands, but from private label brands. Consumers looking to be healthy and educated will look to the local, hand crafted items that are delicious and backed by the store that holds their own private label.

So, next time you are reaching for the well-known bag of chips of jar of jelly, look for the Private Label that you will soon come to know as your favorite item!

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