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Philadelphia Flower Show and Flower Power Garden Tea

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has formally invited The Tea Can Company to be the sole source provider of tea in the Garden Tea Room at the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show.

The Garden Tea room is a tranquil retreat to enjoy with your friends and loved ones. The tea room features beautiful floral decor, light finger sandwiches with sweet treats and an assortment of our fine tea. Take a breath and relax while sipping on six of our favorite blends.

This year’s favorite flavors include:
• Breakfast Blend —Enjoy this hearty blend of Assam, Ceylon and Keemun teas at the beginning of or throughout your day. Tastes great with a splash of milk or naturally on its own.
Ingredients: Assam, Keemun and Ceylon Tea. Contains Caffeine
• Vanilla Chai —Assam Black Tea with Cardamom Seeds and natural Vanilla. A sweet and simply delicious blend often served at Indian Weddings. Best with milk and sugar.
Ingredients: Organic Black Tea, Cardamom Seeds and Natural Vanilla. Contains Caffeine.
• Raspberry Oolong —Enjoy the benefits of our naturally sweet Wu Yi Oolong Tea, flavored with Raspberry and enhanced with pieces of dried fruit.
Ingredients: Partially oxidized Ti Kwan Yin Oolong Tea with Natural Raspberry flavor, Apple bits, Cranberry bits and Hibiscus, Contains Caffeine
• Lavender Lemongrass —A soft and fragrant soothing tea that features a light lavender aroma, complimented with crisp Sencha green tea and lemongrass.
Ingredients: Lemongrass, Lavender, Green Tea, Contains Caffeine
• Cinnamon Apple Blossom —Crisp apple and warm cinnamon spice surrounded by the caramel flavor or Rooibos Red Bush from Africa.
Ingredients: Red Rooibos, Apple Bits, Cinnamon Chips, and Natural Flavoring, Caffeine-free
• Garden Therapy —A therapuedic blend of herbs, mint and botanical floras combined to enlighten the soul with a daily boost of anti-oxidants.
Ingredients: Holy Basil (Tulsi) Spearmint, Rose Hips, Lemon Myrtle and Linden Blossoms, Caffeine-free

The Teddy Bear Tea takes place on Sunday, March 10th at 11:30 am. Kids are welcome to bring their Teddy Bears and meet the Flower Show’s famous bear, Teddy!
A fun tea party with a great interactive live entertainment and fun-to-eat goodies just for the kids.

Help us Celebrate the Flower Power Flower Show with A Flower Power Tea Party!

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