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Some like it Hot, Some like it COLD!

Iced tea is America’s top summer beverage.
Keep it cool by brewing some of these quenching recipes.

June 10th is National Iced Tea day. Yes, America celebrates the age-old beverage that has become the icon of quenching your thirst. In fact, more than 85 percent consumed by our country is poured over ice. This common drink caught its fancy at the 1904 World’s Fair when visitors sipped tea over ice from a vendor named Richard Blechynden. Tourists spread the word fast and in only a few years iced tea glasses with long spoons became part of every kitchen cabinet.

Today you can order iced tea on every menu with or without alcohol. Many buy this easy to make product bottled at convenience stores and forgetting how easy (and inexpensive) it is to brew right at home. For only pennies, you too can brew iced tea just how YOU like it.

First lets have a quick lesson in brewing. There are a few ways to make great tea using our sachets full of flavorful loose tea and herbal blends from The Tea Can Company.

Traditional Boiling Method
Boil 3 cups of water in a small pot. Add 2-3 sachets based on desired strength. Follow brewing instructions and remove tea sachets. (Leaving them in too long may make the tea bitter) Add sugar or sweetener if desired. Let tea mixture cool and add cold water. Refrigerate or pour over ice.

Long Term Cold Steep
Fill pitcher with water. Add 2-3 sachets and sugar or sweetener if desired. Let self-steep overnight. This method is particular good for herbal teas. This creates a light “favored water” type tea. Keep refrigerated or pour over ice.

Sun Tea
Fill glass pitcher with water and add 2-3 sachets and sugar or sweetener if desired and let self-steep in hot sun. Be sure to cover from outside elements. Keep refrigerated or pour over ice.

Recent studies show that routine tea consumption of about two glasses a day is associated with a lower percentage of body fat and helps aid in weight control. So while quenching your thirst, you can keep off the pounds. Next time your thirsty try one of these five refreshing twists on The Tea Can Company’s premium teas.

Moroccan Ginger Mint
Follow the instructions to brew the Moroccan Mint tea. Add crushed ginger and mint leaves with natural raw sugar. Cool and pour over crushed ice. Add a mint sprig to the side of the glass.

Hibiscus Grapefruit-Lime
Fill a pitcher with cold water and our Hibiscus Flower tea sachet. Add a large slice of grapefruit and a squeeze of lime. Put the entire pitcher in the refrigerator and let steep overnight. The Hibiscus Flower tea will bleed through the water all night and in the morning fill your water bottle with your new favorite tea. Hibiscus will help lower your blood pressure, reduce water weight and supply you with a natural vitamin C.

Apricot and Peach-tini
Follow the instructions to brew the Apricot and Peach tea. Add two tablespoons of honey and let cool. Pour over crushed ice. Add a shot of vodka and you will have a low-calorie cocktail that will shake the party!

Chocolate Covered Cherry
Brew one Asian Cherry tea sachet to one Chocolate Bon Bon tea sachet. Follow instructions and add two tablespoons of raw sugar. Let cool. Pour over ice cubes and add a shot of Rum with a drizzle of Grenadine. Add a Maraschino Cherry and enjoy a sweet summer sizzler.

Sangria Tea
Brew our Sicilian Marsala Sachet in a small pot of water. Follow instructions and add two tablespoons of raw sugar. Let cool. Pour over ice cubes and add sliced orange, grapes, pineapple and apples. Let sit for 2-3 hours to soak up the fruity taste. Drink the alcohol-free Sangria all day!

Making iced tea from our premium tea sachets is easy, mess free and certain to please the party or simply to enjoy in a bottle at work. Remember this last little trick. Take a water bottle of any type and insert a tea sachet. Flavor your water with any of The Tea Can Company’s many flavors. Get creative and add your favorite fruit chunks or squeeze. Drink away your summer thirst and be healthy!

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