Hangover teas for the Hangover Ease.

Sip on a cup of soothing tea. Tea helps you stay hydrated provides medicinal benefits to help cure those morning after hangover symptoms. First things first. Get out of bed.

Start the kettle and choose a tea to help you fast! Choose from the following or drink them all through the day to cure the horrible hangover symptoms that you may have.

Cleanse with a Detox. Main ingredient is Holy Basil and Rose Hips. the two together will start to eliminate the toxins produced by alcohol. Get rid of them and get well FAST! Caffeine Free.

The best hangover cure is fluids. Avoid coffee since it’s also a diuretic and can actually make your hangover worse. Green tea will help with the headache and nausea and keep you hydrated. Do not drink dark teas with high Caffeine contents as caffeine tends to act as a diuretic. Green Tea has a little caffeine which will wake you and help your intake of liquids. Try a few that are great for multi-symptoms: Moroccan Mint Green Tea, Apricot Peach Green Tea, Straight up Sencha Green Tea and Lemongrass Lavender Green Tea.

Rock Star ingredients are Red Rooibos Bush Tea with Ginger, Cinnamon and Cardamom. When feeling queasy the soothing ginger will settle your stomach and freshen your breath. Some say the kick in ginger can change your hung over attitude from slumpy to “up and at it”! The Cinnamon is good for your circulatory system – a boost of energy. Rooibos Teas are known for extra nutrition and energy. Caffeine Free.

Soothing Chamomile, Mint and Lavender. Together they reduce gas and bloating and calms your intestinal track. This allows you to carry without feeling like you are going to be sick. Caffeine Free.

For quick and heavy duty relief, try out our HEMPTeas™ for that extra hangover help. The non-THC CBD oil reduces all symptoms and allows you to carry on like normal.
Since dark caffeine can dehydrate you we recommend the following flavors for quick hangover relief. Best taken before bed and then again when you wake up. Some say you will never have a hangover again!
• High Strength Pineapple Turmeric and Ginger Green HEMPTea™
• Mild Strength Berry Healthy – Strawberry and Apple Green HEMPTea™
• High Strength Garden Therapy – Detox Blend Herbal HEMPTea™ Caffeine-Free
• Mild Strength Chamomile Comfort – Calming Blend Herbal HEMPTea™ (Caffeine-Free)
• Mild Strength Apple Cider- Heart Herbal Blend HEMPTea™ (Caffeine-Free)

All of our teas can be ordered on our website at www.theteacancompany.com and shipped quickly. Order today to have on hand for the next hangover or for a great gift for your family and friends that love to party.