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The Power of Giving

How a Personalized Promotional Tea Give-away can impact your business— my personal story.

10 years ago a simple idea became a huge success. I wrapped 3 tea cans with special labels; Creativitea, Reliabilitea Festivitea and sent them to all of my advertising & design clients for the holidays. The $500 investment brought me lots of smiles, referrals and lasting impressions. Still to this day, it is not uncommon to see those precious cans on my clients’ desks – it was an everlasting advertisement for my design company. Never did I think years later I would also own a tea company. What I learned back then was a good promotion like our custom branded tea earned lots of recognition. I also learned a lot about Personalization and Branded promotions.

Below are just a few facts about giving your potential and existing clients a personalized tea gift that will keep you on their minds sip by sip.

1. Branded promotional products added to your advertising mix increases your effectiveness of your other media by almost 50%.
2. Consumers say they can recall the name of your company for up to one year from the date they receive your promotional item.
3. More than half of consumers admit they keep promotional items for 2-4 years. (By the way our delicious tea promos lasts two full years.)
4. A good promotional product can produce 500% more referrals than a promotion letter.
5. 8 in 10 consumers own up to 10 branded promotional items.
6. 53% of people say that promotional products create a more favorable and familiar impression of the advertiser.
7. Food and beverage items are ranked one of the highest desired promotions.
8. 50% of consumers will share where and when they received the gift with friends, co-workers and family…making your product known to their network of people.

If you are looking for a healthy and affordable promotional item for your company, The Tea Can Company provides premium tea with lasting impressions. Our team of advertising specialists will creatively tie your message with the healthy trending gift of tea. Choose from our many natural flavors and beautiful templates or send us your logo for a custom design. Go to to see more including business, holiday gifts, fundraisers, showers and private label tea.

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