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Rose Petals Variety Pack


Our Rose Petals Variety Pack is a set of delicious tea blends containing rose petals in our mini tins. Each mini tin contains three pyramid sachets and brews six cups of tea.

The flavors include: Rose Petals, Tahitian Vanilla, Asian Cherry Blossom, Raspberry Bouquet, and Orange Almond.


Rose Petals Ingredients: Aromatic Blend of Ceylon Teas, Rose Petals and Natural Flavoring, Contains Caffeine


Tahitian Vanilla Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Rose Petals, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Contains Caffeine


Asian Cherry Blossom Ingredients: Sencha Green Tea, Natural Cherry Flavoring and Rose Petals, Contains Caffeine


Raspberry Bouquet Ingredients: Partially Oxidized Ti Kwan Yin Oolong Tea with Natural Raspberry flavor, Apple Bits, Cranberry Bits and Hibiscus, Contains Caffeine


Orange Almond Ingredients: Black Tea, Orange Peel, Apple & Almond Pieces, Cinnamon Chips, Rose Petals, Orange Spice and Natural Flavor, Contains Caffeine