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No Teavanna…Now what?

If you are spoiled with fine teas and herbal blends and you used to buy your tea from Teavanna, know that The Tea Can Company offers many types of tea to shop for and buy online .

With the Teavanna chain announcing over the news that it was closing all 379 of its Teavana stores, tea drinkers are learning about The Tea Can Company’s superb teas and herbal blends. They are also learning that the same quality is being offered at a much lower cost.

Sourcing All-Natural Teas, Flowers and Herbs is an art. We make sure that all of our sources are the finest and freshest growers. Our teas are grown from all over the world including Asia, Sri Lanka, India and Africa. From these countries we source our well-known teas such as; Ceylon, Green, Black, Assam, Oolong and Roiboos. All of our other ingredients are sourced from within the USA.

The blending process of our teas is truly and art. We carefully source our ingredients and blend them into flavors that are unique and pleasing to our broad audience. We sample and perfect each and every blend. We run focus groups and tastings until all our teams and taste testers are satisfied. Then we sell at small events to test eacg new flavors. Once we decide we have a winner, we offer it to our wholesale and retail audience.

Try our many traditional and unique blend and see for yourself. You can shop on-line or call any order you have.

• For retail we offer free shipping with orders over $40.

• 30 popular flavors including: Earl Grey, Brittish Breakfast, Sencha Green, Asian Cherry, Apricot and Peach Green Tea, Hibisus Flower, Chamomile, Mint, Mango and More.

• Fast Turn-around on first and repeat orders.

• Wholesale and private label available for any boutique, gourmet store, restaurant, museum gift store or fundraiser. Call for more information.

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