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Museums Wrap it Up with Top Selling Tea

Art, History and Cultural Museums create their own brand of Tea for a souvenir that lasts Sip by Sip.

Looking for a souvenir gift that will keep your guests talking? Our teas and herbal blends are made with nature’s finest teas and herbs from all over the world. Our artisanal blends of Camillia Senisis (tea) combined with botanical flowers, herbs and fruit are beautifully packaged in our authentic keepsake tins. Private label and personalized designs make it easy to create your own brand that will enhance any permanent collection or temporary exhibit.

Let our creative designers take your logo or museum specific photos and artwork to create a look that will directly target your market. You will capture your audience and keep them talking about their experience. They will remember you … Sip by Sip.

• Private label available.

• Art and Branding Ideas backed by our award winning Advertising team.

• 30 popular flavors to to target your market.

• Fast Turn-around on first and repeat orders.

• Customer is King— customer service

• Proud member of the MSA- Museum Store Association. Guaranteed premier products and service since 2013. Showcased in museums across America.

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