Did you know that June was National Iced Tea Month? Truth is, the Tea Can Company tea fanatics have been so busy blending great teas, we missed it too. So, we’re officially extending this important tea holiday for the entire months of July and August! That means you can chill out and celebrate the cool wonders of fabulous summer tea flavors over sparkling cracked, cubed or crushed ice all through the long, hot summer. You’ll be in good company too, as research by the Tea Association of the U.S.A. reveals that 85% of the tea consumed in America is iced. Ready to brew something flavorful and fabulous? Consider our luscious fruit teas including raspberry, mango, and peach apricot. Choose a refreshing mint tea for a cool, poolside treat. Or pull out the tiki torches and hula skirts and go all tropical with our island-inspired hibiscus tea. For delicious iced tea recipes, check out Rachel Ray’s blog. Or for fun facts about iced tea, take a look through the outdoor entertaining guide offered by Bombay Outdoors. Then browse the Tea Can Company’s beautiful blends and order enough so you can celebrate iced tea all summer long!