Stressed? Worried? Tired? Frustrated? The formula for relief may be as simple as stop, breathe and repeat. That’s the basic idea behind mindfulness, a practice that helps you calm your mind and body, by turning your thoughts inward and simply taking one conscious breath followed by another. Mindfulness helps you hit pause on thoughts that anticipate the future or rehash the past, allowing you to relax and distress by focusing on the now. You can do it anywhere at any time, it costs nothing and it can transform your life. Learn the basics of mindful breathing from meditation master Tich Nhat Hanh, in this insightful article from Skeptical about the calming power of breathing? Deborah Schoeberlein David, writing for the Huffington Post, explains the science behind the practice. While you’re reading, why not be mindful of the calming powers of tea and enjoy a cup as you take it all in? Choose a special blend from the Tea Can Company’s unique tea flavors, then enjoy a little me time and breathe your cares away!