With so much news coverage about this year’s presidential race, we at the Tea Can Company wondered why there has been so little talk of the tea preferences of our current president and his possible successors. So, we scoured the news feeds to bring you this essential information. What we found was that tea preferences must be classified Top Secret as very little has been leaked. However, in the interest of complete transparency, we will pass along the facts that we uncovered. According to the Washington Examiner, President Obama sips tea, not coffee. An Encognitive.com interview transcript from several years ago quotes Hillary Clinton as saying she stayed healthy by drinking tea, rather than coffee, while mediaite online has released a video of Hillary sampling bubble tea. Donald Trump? In an interview with US Magazine, he notes that he doesn’t drink tea at all. Want to show your support for tea this election year? Check out the Tea Can Company’s line of Political ParTEAs! Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, you’ll enjoy the beautiful patriotic packaging and our delicious blends. Stumping for your favorite candidate? Why not buy enough to hand out on the campaign trail!