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Join Us at the Polish Fest!

What an amazing weekend!

Our second year at The Polish American Family Festival & County Fair in Doylestown Pennsylvania is a hit yet again. We love meeting our Doylestown neighbors and sharing our love of tea. If you couldn’t make it last weekend you still have a chance to meet us at the final weekend of the Polish Festival – September 9th & 10th. Stop by for free tastings at booth #16!


The Polish-American Family Festival & Country Fair takes place on the grounds of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa and started as an informal picnic in 1966 to celebrate the Shrine’s dedication. The festival has rides, games, crafts, music, and traditional Polish food including Pierogis, Placki, Golabki, Kielbasa, Tea and much more! Learn more:


Tea drinking tends to be associated with the cultures of Britain, China, and Japan when in fact; tea has a prominent role in Poland’s culture as well! In Poland, hosts will most often serve tea to guests, and tea is always consumed after dinner. (And even lunch!) Tea is even more popular than coffee. The most popular type of tea is black tea, and is usually served with sugar and lemon – never milk!

Our black teas include: Breakfast Blend, Earl Grey Supreme, Lemon Myrtle, Mango Amazon, Vanilla Chai, Orange Almond, Rose Petals, Chocolate BonBon, Coconut Joy, and Organic Wedding Chai.

ESSENCE – One Strong Pot!

There is even a unique brewing method used across central and eastern Europe which is about the creation of a base ingredient called ‘essence’ (Polish: esencja).

In your first pot boil water and add the tea leaves. The key here is to use much more tea than normal. For five cups of water use about 25 – 30 teaspoons of tea. Once brewed for 2.5-3.5 minutes, pour through a strainer into a new (slightly larger) teapot. If there is more room fill the pot with more boiling water.

This is what ‘Essence’ is. It is incredibly strong!

When you are ready to serve the tea all you need to do is simply dilute it with more water, sugar, or lemon. The more essence you use – the stronger your cup of tea will be!


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Share This Article