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A new school year brings new opportunities, friendships, school subjects, activities, but most importantly- new TEACHERS! While most would wait until the end of a school year to think about giving a gift to their teacher, why not make a good impression early on? The following months will be filled with mid-term projects, essays and exams, which not only builds stress for the students but also for the teachers themselves. Tea has wonderful stress-relieving properties that would not only benefit the students but also make a great gift for a teacher. Making a good impression early on could help you when the times get tough!


Our tea fundraising program is easy and yields 40% profit. Tea is a long-lasting and unique gift that everyone will love. From raising money for new team uniforms to trips far abroad, learn more about our fundraising program here.


At The Tea Can Company we specialize in gifts specifically for teachers. We have many teacher designs to choose from that we guarantee will make your teacher smile. What makes our tea cans so special is your ability to customize these designs! While our designs already have inspirational messaging and beautiful graphics that reflect education, growth and learning, you are able to change the text to say anything you would like. From “Thank you Miss Jones! Sincerely, Billy” to “Happy Holidays! From Susan” There is no limit to your creativity. You can even upload your own pictures if you would like. Every time your teacher brews a cup of tea they will be reminded of your thoughtfulness. Click here to view all of our great teacher tea designs.


The World Health Organization estimates that more than 450 million people suffer from stress worldwide. Tea contains two natural compounds have been shown to reduce stress levels: L-theanine and catechins. L-theanine decreases the heart rate, which then lessens the “fight or flight” response. This then helps us maintain a more balanced reaction when we are confronted with stress. L-theanine also increases dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, which may also account for its anxiety-reducing properties. Catechins are an antioxidant that has been shown to positively affect neurotransmitters in the brain, making it easier to maintain mental balance. In essence, their actions reduce free radical damage to cells and have a protective effect on our bodies. The Tea Can Company offers a large selection of different tea types and flavors. From our classic black teas to floral infused green teas, we guarantee to have something everyone will love. Browse our many tea flavors here.


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