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Be Mindful and Meditate with Tea

Incorporate the ritual of tea in your everyday life for peace and wellness.

Boil water, brew tea, and sip pure goodness. Take a break from reality and disconnect from the daily grind. While sipping away, focus on your breathing and talk positive to yourself. Breath the steam and be aware. Close your eyes and pay attention to each breath. You may find that the rest of your day you are a little more happy, relaxed and present.
Its worth a try.

1. Purchase Quality Tea.
Try going for the ancient green leaves from The Tea Can Company.

2. Stop and Watch the Water Boil.
Like a good workout. Stretch. Breath and Stretch. Start being mindful. Watch the bubbles and listen to the sound of the water as it becomes steam.

3. Steep and Smell.
Let the steam rise up. As you breath notice the aroma and how it makes you feel.

4. Be aware.
As the tea cools, hold the cup and feel the warmth and how you feel. Pay attention to your mind and not the environment around you. If you are in your office, tune out the phone, music and voices. It sounds hard, but before long you will feel quiet and content.

5. Sip your tea.
Taste the tea and think about all of the ways that the tea came to you. Picked thousands of miles away or grown out of dirt, water and sun. Feel the energy it took to do this. Transform that energy to your heart and healing mind. Feel the warmth as if it were the sun lighting up your day. End your experience with a thought of kindness to yourself or others. Smile and carry on.

Try doing this for one month. Mindfulness takes practice and Meditation takes ritual. You may be surprised at how the rest of your day goes and you may even try journaling about your experience. Good teas for evening practice are Chamomile Comfort and Rooibos Chai.

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