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Private Label Tea Can

How You Can Help Your Business by Creating Your Own Private Tea Can Label

Creating your own private tea can labels is a great and creative way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, no matter the size of your business. Private label tea cans can attract curious shoppers to your business, reflect your overall brand identity and help your company stand out from the others. Carried on your own private tea can labels, your brand will be taken places it could have never been taken before. Kitchens, dorm rooms, parties, workplaces are only a few. We will help you get your brand out there!

How do you go about starting your own private tea can line? Here are 6 tips that will help you kickstart your private label teas:

1. Consider your target market
Who is your ideal customer? Is it the die-hard tea drinker who does not like any bells and whistles? One who drinks the traditional Earl Grey or Oolong teas? Or is it the millennials who are looking for organic teas that sooth their souls and might drink Hemp or Green Matcha teas? We have teas for all those in between as well. Who is most likely to purchase your products?

2. Choose the tea products you want to sell.
You will want to ensure that the products you sell, speak for your brand and potential customers. You will also want to make sure they are the best quality teas available. The process of picking out the right teas does not have to take time. We have done the research for you. We know what your competitors are selling and what is trending online. We have taken the time to research and purchase the best quality teas on the market. What you choose in your product list will make you unique and different from your competitors. We will help you choose interesting flavors and brews that speak for your brand and reflect a unique tea drinking experience your customers will not find anywhere else. If you are ready to get started now, here are two blends suited to keep you cool this summer.
• Apricot Peach – This fruity blend makes a great thirst-quenching iced tea.
• Moroccan Mint – This refreshing blend is great for parties iced. Also try adding your favorite libation.

3. Build your private tea can line using your unique brand.
Starting your own private label tea cans is an exciting and creative way to build your brand. There are no rules but here are a few things you may want to consider:
• Tea can design logo.
• Types of blends that work best for you
• Packaging elements – gift boxes, tins, and more

4. Create a Sample
When you partner with The Tea Can Company, our expert team will help you create tea cans containing superior products you will be proud to attach your branding to. The Tea Can Company will provide you with samples to ensure our product meets your exact specifications and will continue working with you until you are happy.

5. Join the team at The Tea Can Company
Our years of expertise means we have all the answers you need. The best way to start your own private label tea cans is to team up with The Tea Can Company. Our experts will help you design labels and choose amazing blends to ensure your private label tea cans represent your business and stand for quality.

6. Contact us today
No matter the scale, we are there for you. Contact us at 215-766-2746 to learn how.

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