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Harvesting Green Tea

GREEN TEA Helps to fight Allergies — Yes Allergies!

Green Tea– Healthy in so many ways.

This ancient beverage has been helping many people with many ailments for centuries. Plain green tea is the hottest thing (no pun intended) since sliced bread. Research shows that it can boost your basic metabolic rate by 3 to 4 percent, and has been known to profoundly be an anticancer agent thanks to compounds called catechins. In fact, research in the journal Cancer Prevention found that daily green tea consumption could delay the onset of cancer by more than seven years for women and three years for men. A large-scale population study published earlier this year in Cancer Science followed nearly 90,000 Japanese citizens for more than a decade and found that those who drank large amounts of green tea had lower risks for biliary tract cancer, gallbladder cancer, and bile duct cancer.

Many people claim that drinking Green Tea has a significant play in helping with seasonal allergies. Japanese researchers found that EGCG, the abundant antioxidant compound in green tea, may help stop your body from mounting an immune response to a wide range of allergens, including pollen, pet dander, and dust. So the next time you feel sneezy and wheezy from Spring pollens, try drinking a few cups of green tea each day.

Green teas come in many forms. Try our straight up Match Powder, Asian Cherry Blossom Green Tea, Apricot Peach Green Tea, Lavender Lemongrass Green Tea, Moroccan Mint Green Tea, Jasmine Vine Green Tea or our our authentic Sencha Green Tea and Ancient Green Leaves Green Tea. Surely there are a few that will capture your taste buds and may even help you to go medicine and tissue free!

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