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Hope & Joy Loose Tea Gift with Strainer


The Hope & Joy Loose Tea with Strainer Collection is a gift set designed for Breast Cancer Awareness. Several studies have shown that tea consumption may reduce the risk of cancer, while certain teas have anti-carcinogenic properties. Send a message of love to your family and friends with our all-natural blend of loose teas in two premium flavors. This set includes:

  • 1 Raspberry Oolong Loose Tea (Skinny Tin)
  • 1 Hibiscus Flower Loose Tea (Skinny Tin)
  • 1 Metal Tea Strainer

Raspberry Oolong

Loose Raspberry Oolong Ingredients: Partially oxidized Ti Kwan Yin Oolong Tea with Natural Raspberry flavor, Apple bits, Cranberry bits and Hibiscus, Contains Caffeine

hibiscus 1

Loose Hibiscus Flower Ingredients: Organic Hibiscus Cut and Sifted, Caffeine-free