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“Other Reasons” to Give the Gift of Tea

We know that celebrating the holidays and other events with gift giving is important to many people. However, some of the most meaningful gifts we have ever received were given for other reasons, often unexpectedly. The kind gesture of a thoughtful gift is always remembered. The Tea Can Company has helped many clients and retail shoppers over the years find that special gift to let someone know they are thinking of them and that they care. We would like to share with you, the reasons why tea is the perfect gift as well as some “Other Reasons” why gift giving is so important in your personal and business lives. Hopefully, you will feel the happiness and fulfillment that inspired gift giving can bring.

Second only to water in popularity, tea is a unique beverage. You can drink it hot or cold and it has many health benefits. Here are some of the many reasons to give tea:
• Comfort – Tea keeps us calm. It contains L-theanine, and amino acid that reduces stress.
• Variety – There are over 20,000 distinctive teas available today. The Tea Can company has researched and selected only the highest quality teas.
• Taste – Tea tastes good alone or mixed with other beverages. It has become a popular mixer in cocktails and punch (alcoholic or non.)
• Convenience – You can brew a cup of tea almost anywhere. All you need is a tea bag, a cup of water, and you are ready.
• Versatility – Tea can wake you up in the morning, give you an afternoon pick-me-up, help you wind down in the evening, and help you fall asleep at night.
• Healthy – From kicking colds and flus to losing weight, tea can be a formidable disease fighter.
• Inexpensive – Cost matters – especially these days. Even the highest quality teas cost less than fifty cents a cup. Most cost less.
• Customize – The Tea Can Company can work with you to customize labels and assist you in choosing Flavors and Specialty Gifts available in Tall Tins, Skinny Tins and Mini Tins.
The Tea Can Company hopes the following lists of “Other Reasons” for giving the gift of tea in your personal and business lives is just a starting point to get you thinking about gift giving all year long.

1. Show your appreciation for someone
2. When YOU need to feel better
3. To encourage someone
4. Send a gift anonymously, just because
5. When someone is sick or injured
6. Cheer someone up who is feeling down
7. Send to someone starting a new job
8. Give to a student starting college
9. When you know someone will have a busy week
10. In appreciation for an act of kindness

1. Appreciation for a referral
2. Thank you for an important order
3. Your client got a promotion
4. Send a gift just because
5. Send an “I’m Sorry” gift for a messed-up order
6. Leave a gift when you visit a client’s business
7. After your client visits your trade show booth
8. Your client’s company is honored with an award
9. Send a “What’s Up” gift if you haven’t heard from a client lately
10. Give gifts to your client’s support staff on administrative assistant’s day
We hope these lists of “Other Reasons” are helpful and start you thinking about how you can use the gift of tea to make someone’s day special. We would also like you to remember that The Tea Can Company is the first place you should go to for all your gift giving ideas. Our products can be packaged or designed for all major holidays, special events, as well fund raisers and promos.

Contact us at 215-766-2746 or at to learn more.

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