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Customizable Private Label Wholesale Fundraising Teas

Fund Raising Opportunities with Teas and Herbal Blends

Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverage in the world. People are finally understanding the health qualities and benefits of drinking several cups per day.

Major supermarket chains have expanded their isles with the many choices of teas. Tea for detox, tea for energy boost, staying away, calming down, Tea for sleeping and tea for children. So many natural remedies to help in every way. With all of the natural benefits tea has to offer, its the perfect fundraiser to sell to a captive audience. Selling tea is a great way to raise money for Cancer, Lupus, Autism, Relay for Life, Heart Associations, Hemp tea and more. The Tea Can Company will help design and layout the perfect plan and graphics to help you with your Tea Fundraiser.
Plus we give back! We will work with you on how to sell and how to raise the most amount of money you can for your cause. We will print and send you personalized forms and marketing materials. We can blind ship or send directly to you to distribute.

How it Works
There are three options for selling:

DIRECT SALES: You take orders and collect the money directly from your supporters. You forward the order sheet to us – we’ll ship all the filled orders back to you and invoice you for each unit ordered. Your typical a profit is 40%. No money upfront!
DIRECT ORDER: You order the tea sell to your audience, Basketball games, in town at local markets and churches… Your typical a profit is 40%. No money upfront!
WEB SITE SALES: You can direct your audience to our site, we’ll do the rest.We can issue a code so that your client can order and we will donate a percentage to your fund.

Learn more by checking out our site. We have so much to offer and We love to help our clients with all of their fundraising needs.

For more information call or email directly to or call us today at 215-766-2746

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