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Joint Therapy, Berry Healthy, and Calming Chamomile HempTea

Feeling stressed? Feeling Overwhelmed? Try a cup of our CBD infused HEMPTea®.

During these hard times, Its amazing how quickly and effective a simple cup of tea can change your mood. We are finding our customers are finding relief with just one cup.

Anxiety and stress can make or break your day. Its funny how some days you feel like you can take on the world and the very next you can feel down in the dumps and full of high anxiety. With all the pressure in our lives it’s no wonder why. Money, children, activities, work and health issues can all take their toll on your stress meter. Let’s face it we are only human.

The Tea Can Company now offers 6 flavors of their trending HEMPTea®. Some say it has changed their life. Simple drink a cup when you are feeling pressured and cranky. Within minutes the warm tea infused with THC FREE CBD oil begins to simmer down your nerves. Some people claim they drink a cup in the morning and a cup at night to maintain mental health.

Infused at a Pharmaceutical company, the regulated ingredients are closely monitored and examined to stay within the law. HEMPTea® is perfectly legal in all 50 states and allows you to pass a clinical drug test.

“We have people send us thank you emails all the time” says Donna McCafferty, owner and developer of HEMPTea®. “I sometimes feel overwhelmed myself – especially setting up for trade shows and exhibits. Making a simple cup of HEMPTea® changes my entire outlook on the long hours and pressure of setting up.”

Now available in 6 flavors and 2 strengths makes it easy to figure which type works for you.
High strengths are available in:
Garden Blend – caffeine free, detox herbal blend
Joint Therapy – green tea with pineapple, turmeric and ginger
Caramel Latte – black tea with a caramel crème for a wake up.

Mild strengths are available in:
Chamomile Blend – caffeine free, Chamomile with Lavender & mint. Great for sleep.
Apple Cider – Rooibos and Bilberry with apples and cinnamon
Strawberry Apple – green tea with strawberry and apple

Next time your feeling full of anxiety, stressed or overwhelmed brew a cup of HEMPTea® to simmer out the ill feelings and let the sun shine in!

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