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Corporate Gifting with Tea Made Easy with A Lasting Message…Sip by Sip

Design a gifting program that maximizes the impact of your gifting budget. We offer exclusive business tea gifts uniquely available to your customers.

Personalized Tea Gifts Made Easy

We have a team of advertising and graphic designers that can help you with your personalized tea gifts and promotional tea items. Tell us about your idea and who you want the tea gifts to go to and we will do all the work. Give us your logo or have your designers supply the art and we will package your tea with branding to match your company message. We will even help you choose the tea to best fit your budget and target your market. Its easy and effective marketing.

Determine the Greeting Option That Fits Your Style

Deliver your message of gratitude or promote your company with our delicious teas
• Select from our large assortment of tea options and packaging
• Create a custom design for you or let us quickly design your own tea products.
• Provide us with your own greeting and we can print cards to match your tea greeting.

Shipping Option to Make it even Easier!

Your personalized tea gifts are guaranteed to arrive on time, in perfect condition. We ensure fast delivery. We ship to homes, businesses, shipping docks and event venues. Send us your excel list and we can blind ship or we can ship all of the gifts to you.

Email or call today. One of our Business Consultants will help you choose a the perfect gift for your needs. Be sure to browse our site and see all the wonderful choices that we have for almost any client. Our personalized tea options can be custom or simply personalized tea with your logo or name
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Share This Article