Tea Party Favors are a Great Gift, Souvenir, or Promotional Item that will last Sip by Sip for Years!

We offer unique and quality Tea party favors, gifts and promos for all special occasions. Tea favors make great wedding favors and bridal shower favors, baby shower favors and birthday party favors. We can tie in your occasion to tea for a favor that iwll last sip by sip. Your guests will keep the tin as a souvenir and think about you for years to come.

These personalized tea tin favors make such a fun favor for any event. Each tin features a label with your choice of design and color as well as your added personalization.

Teas for Allergy Relief

If you suffer from allergies, maybe a cup of tea is all you need. Try drinking a cup of tea and find relief.
Rooibos Chai: Rooibos contains the bioflavonoids that are believed to block the allergy-causing histamines. Ginger has a warming and soothing effect that helps eliminate persistent coughs.
Green Tea: Green Tea helps fight the sneezing, coughing and watery eyes caused by colds and allergies.
Moroccan Peppermint helps to provide relief for clogged-up noses and irritated mucous membranes.

Tea dyed Easter Eggs - a alternative method to color and decorate naturally

Try dying your eggs with natural solutions like they did in the past. Tea, beet juice, spinach, mustard and blueberries are just a few ways to add a splash of color to eggs.

For dying eggs with TEA you will need the following:
1. Hard-boiled eggs
2. Water
3. Glass cups or bowls
4. Tea sachets of the following flavors: Hibiscus, Rooibos Chai, Breakfast Tea, Green Tea, Turmeric, Sweet Pea Flowers.
5. White vinegar
6. Wax or crayons

Promote Clear and Healthy Skin with Medicinal Tea and Herbal Blends

Did you know that Our Rooibos Chai , Rooibos Apple Cinnamon Blossom and our Daily Detox Teas contain herbs and botanical elements with alpha hydroxy acids that can help promote healthy skin. These tasty teas also contain bioflavonoids that can stimulate the circulatory system and help to cleanse your body's filter system. By drinking several cups a day you can begin to clear your skin and promote that healthy glow.

Candy Tea

Do you have a sweet tooth but want to stay healthy? Our Candy Shop Teas are just for you! Candy Shop Tea is perfect for diabetics, those watching their weight, or anyone who wants to keep healthy. Bestsellers include our Coconut Joy Tea, Chocolate Truffle Tea, and Cotton Candy Tea. These teas are great gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just as a thank you. Candy without the calories!



Hangover teas for the Hangover Ease.

Sip on a cup of soothing tea. Tea helps you stay hydrated provides medicinal benefits to help cure those morning after hangover symptoms. First things first. Get out of bed.

Start the kettle and choose a tea to help you fast! Choose from the following or drink them all through the day to cure the horrible hangover symptoms that you may have.

Philadelphia Flower Show and Flower Power Garden Tea

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has formally invited The Tea Can Company to be the sole source provider of tea in the Garden Tea Room at the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show.

The Garden Tea room is a tranquil retreat to enjoy with your friends and loved ones. The tea room features beautiful floral decor, light finger sandwiches with sweet treats and an assortment of our fine tea. Take a breath and relax while sipping on six of our favorite blends.

Promoting Your Brand with Design CreativiTEA!

They say that seeing is believing – and that’s especially true when it comes to marketing your brand, promoting a product or creating gifts or mementos to celebrate a special event. Visual cues attract attention, create connections and generate memories, making great design essential for success.

Our THC free CBD tea is Legal, All-Natural, Effective, Affordable and Tasty

The scientific name for CBD is Cannabidiol. CBD is found in both hemp and marijuana plants. Cannabidiol is the part of the cannabis plant that is healing and non-psychotropic. Recently scientists have made break through discoveries in realizing that this legal natural plant is medicine to many diseases. Our all-natural HEMPTea™ has recently been recognized by thousands of fans for aiding in pain relief, mood elevation, sleep, memory, etc. We get love letters every day to prove it.

What's in Your Cup?

Wondering what is the difference between Black, Oolong and Green Teas? Herbal Teas and Tisanes? All teas are made from the Camellia sinensis plant and are all made from leaves picked from the same type of tea bushes. Different processes change up the specific types of teas. Growing areas, soil types and weather also provide specific qualities and "notes" to rich taste of teas.