Can your personality traits and general constitution determine the optimum exercise regimen for you? According to Ayurvedic principles, the answer is “yes.” Aruveda is an ancient health care tradition that dates back more than 5,000 years. Aruveda practitioners believe that everyone has one of three bodily energies, also known as doshas. You may be a Pitta, a Vata or a Kapha. Lynne Stewart, writing for Healthy Living magazine, notes that knowing your dosha can help you find the exercise that leverages your personality traits and keeps your emotions in balance. According to Stewart, Vata is one of the most delicate of natures. Always busy and moving, Vatas gravitate towards running and step classes. Pittas are full of passion and intensity, and naturally move towards competitive forms of play. Kaphas, while grounded and strong, also have a tendency towards lethargy. They are at their best when challenged, structured and progressing. Take a minute to determine your dosha and find the exercise that’s right for you! Wondering what other important wellness practices fit your dosha? Consider the healthy benefits of tea from – then check out The Tea Can Company website to find the unique custom blend that’s perfect for you!