If you suffer from allergies, maybe a cup of tea is all you need. Try drinking a cup of tea and find relief.
Rooibos Chai: Rooibos contains the bioflavonoids that are believed to block the allergy-causing histamines. Ginger has a warming and soothing effect that helps eliminate persistent coughs.
Green Tea: Green Tea helps fight the sneezing, coughing and watery eyes caused by colds and allergies.
Moroccan Peppermint helps to provide relief for clogged-up noses and irritated mucous membranes.
Lemon Myrtle and Lemon are high in vitamin C and antioxidants which help remove free radicals from the body and improves the immune system.
Daily Detox with Rose Hips has the ability to alter allergic responses by reducing histamine production.
Hibiscus Flowers: Hibiscus helps with congestion and phlegm.
So next time you are having problems with seasonal allergies, try a simple cup of tea.

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