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Steeping Time for Tea Time – Herbal, Black, Oolong and Green, learn the proper way to the perfect cup of tea

We take the time to pick out the finest teas, mix them with the finest botanical blends and package them with extra care and freshness. Now take some time to learn the proper steeping times. Before we get to the brewing times we must first talk about quality. To get a good cup of tea you must have quality tea (available at and quality water.

Water is everything. Without good water you cannot have a good cup of tea. Your water should be clear of chlorine and purified to be smooth, tasteless and odor free. Some use tap water or well water. Bottled water can be used in city environments to assure pureness. The amount of water to tea ratio is also very important. Proportions should be carefully followed and then adjusted to taste. Below are proper steeping times for Teas and Herbal Blends.

The above chart includes steeping times for Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea and Herbal Teas. Follow the instructions and you will brew the perfect cup of tea. Enjoy…Sip by Sip.

*Each all-natural pyramid sachet yields 2-3 cups of tea, Brew one small pot at a time or use the sachet
for multiple cups of tea.

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