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Are you looking for a unique and highly profitable fundraiser?

The Tea Can Company is committed to helping you raise funds while offering a healthy quality product.

Keep 40% of all Sales

Our teas make raising money for your cause simple and easy. With your personalized designs and our premium tea and cocoa selections, there is something for everyone.

What We Offer
We offer various options of packaging and designs. Work with our professional graphic designers to create your own unique label at no additional charge.

What Your Organization Receives
There are no up-front costs, no additional shipping charges, no minimum orders and 40% of all proceeds go directly to your cause. The Tea Can Company has helped raise thousands of dollars for health foundations, churches, schools and sports teams. We are confident we can do the same for your organization.

How it Works
The Tea Can Company’s system is simple — we provide easy to follow instructions and all the necessary forms. Download flyer

  1. Work with our professional staff to create unique labels for your organization and choose the products and flavors you wish to offer.
  2. One week after all design decisions are fin
  3. alized, you will receive customized packets ready for distribution.
  4. A two week selling period is recommended. Once selling is finished, tally all forms, complete master order form and mail along with one final payment for fulfillment.
  5. The fulfillment process takes approximately two weeks. We will deliver the orders to you for distribution.

Offer your consumers a healthy and unique product that will Leave a Lasting Message… Sip by Sip

  • Our all-natural products are the highest quality available, leaving your    consumers with a lasting impression of your organization.
  • Tea is a healthy product full of antioxidants and so much more (see flavors and benefits)
  • You may choose 3 of our 10 flavors of quality teas, including caffeine-free and hot cocoa options
  • Our exclusive silk sachet tea bags allows ultimate steeping— makes 3 to 4 cups per sachet
  • Our quality tins are recyclable for refill.

Fundraising Prices - 40% of all proceeds go directly to your cause.

Travel Size Tin
4 tea sachets

(Brews 6-9 Cups)

Tall Tin
12 tea sachets

(Brews 20-30 Cups)

Hot Cocoa
6 foil bags

Types of


Suggested Price:








All pricing subject to change without notice.
Shipping Included

We look forward to working with you to make your next fundraiser a true success. Visit us at or call us toll free at 1-888-211-2317.