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All About London Fogs

We’re always getting asked our favorite tea drinks and recipes. We also love hearing from our customers what their favorite tea drinks and recipes are – from sweet hot tea combinations to tangy iced teas. The past few years there has been a major boom in popularity with the London Fog.

London Fogs originated in Vancouver, Canada and has been most popular on the West Coast of the United States. The London Fog is a combination of Earl Grey tea, milk, vanilla, and water. The best Earl Grey tea to use is one with the citrusy accent of Bergamot which we have available for purchase here. Our Earl Grey Supreme is a sensational zesty Ceylon tea that is infused with Bergamot and orange peel.

How to make a London Fog

– ¾ cup or 6 ounces of hot Earl Grey Supreme tea
– ¼ cup or 2 ounces hot milk (or almond or coconut milk)
– Vanilla Sweetener of choice
– Optional: Lavender!

Place the teabag in a mug with boiling water and steep for 4 minutes. (If using lavender add to the cup while you are brewing!) Remove the teabag and add your vanilla sweetener of choice. Options include vanilla syrup, vanilla extract, or vanilla coffee syrup. While the tea is steeping heat the milk in a the microwave until steaming. Use a milk frother for about 15 seconds or until the milk doubles in size and is super foamy. Pour the milk froth over the hot tea and stir. If you don’t have a frother then simply pour your milk in a saucepan over medium heat. Don’t allow it to boil but simply whisk the milk for about 5 minutes or until it’s hot and frothy.


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