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  • Autumn Pleasures Tea Gift Set

  • Pumpkin Spice
    Pu’er Tea

    $12.75 or $11.48 / month
  • Vanilla Chai
    Black Tea

    $12.75 or $11.48 / month
  • Customizable Private Label All-Natural Healthy A Thankful Heart Tea in an Easy-Open Silver Tall Tin with 12 Pyramid Tea Sachets in a flavor of your choice

    A Thankful Heart Tea Gift

  • Healthy Fall Orange Almond Rose Tea in an Easy-Open Silver Tall Tin with 12 Pyramid Tea Sachets

    Fall Orange Almond Rose Tea

  • Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed Turkey Tea Care Package

  • Customizable Private Label All-Natural Healthy Thanksgiving Greetings Tea in an Easy-Open Silver Tall Tin with 12 Pyramid Tea Sachets in a flavor of your choice

    Thanksgiving Greetings Tea Gift


Thanksgiving Tea Gifts Available!

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks, particularly to those who have helped us throughout the year. Giving a gift to these wonderful folks is a great way to show our appreciation for their support during the year. A perfect gift, especially in preparation for the upcoming colder months, is our Thanksgiving tea gifts. With our large selection of loose leaf teas that can be included in customizable tea boxes, our Thanksgiving tea gifts would make for the best present to show our thanks to coworkers, mentors, friends, or family who have helped us over the years.

What are Thanksgiving Tea Gits?

Our Thanksgiving tea gifts are tea boxes decorated with autumn and Thanksgiving-related labels. Whether you’re on the search for fall colors or turkeys, we’ve got you covered. Our selection of Thanksgiving labels makes it easy to find that perfect tea box for your gift. Not only can you choose the perfect label to give to your supporters, you can also fill these boxes with their preferred loose leaf tea from our large selection of teas or even give them a new tea to try. Our teas range from the traditional black tea of Earl Grey to herbal tea blends such as Rooibos Chai, Mango Amazon, and Chamomile Comfort for that fall feel or for those who only partake in caffeine-free beverages. There is a label and tea flavor for everyone!

Our Thanksgiving tea boxes range from mini to tall, so there are many different options for the many different supporters in your life.

Customizing your Thanksgiving Tea Tin

Is there a thankful message or Thanksgiving-related joke that you would like to include on your tea box? Or perhaps a logo or image that would make your giftee love their Thanksgiving tea gifts even more. Well, putting them on your tea box is as simple as a few clicks and keyboard taps! We have got personalization options for you, including adding messages to the front or side of the tea box or uploading any images you have created. You can make this Thanksgiving tea gift truly personalized to show your appreciation and gratefulness of your supporters.

If you are still on the fence or uncertain of what gift to thank your supporters with, give our Thanksgiving tea gift selection a browse and find the perfect mix of labels and teas for you!