Our Packaging

Whether it's a favor for your wedding or a
classy promotional product, our packaging is
designed to enhance your message. Choose
from our standard variety or let us customize
a special package just for you. Specialty Teas
For Special Moments and Special Events

Our professionally trained advertising specialist and graphic designers work hard to make your message stand out.

OUR QUALITY TINS — The Tea Can Company packaging gives a unique touch to your product line. Our signature Tin Can enhances the shelf life of your product by giving your customer a lasting reminder of your message. The specially designed lid creates an air tight seal that keeps the tea fresh for 2 years. Each tin comes with a tamper proof seal for safety. Contains 10 tea sachets and brews up to 20-30 cups of tea. 100% Recyclable.

OUR VALUE BAGS — We offer satin white, satin black or kraft tin-tie bags. These bags are great for environmentally sound packaging. We offer these bags as a more affordable price point. Contains 6 tea sachets and brews up to 12-18 cups of tea.

OUR AFFORDABLE MINI TINS — A more reasonably priced product. Perfect for favors with a lasting message. Contains 3 tea sachets and brews up to 6-9 cups of tea. 100% Recyclable.

OUR ORGANZA BAGS — Each organza bag can have 1 or 2 tea sachets with optional hangtag.

OUR TEMPLATE LABELS — Choose from one of our pre-designed templates and simply place on the front/side, a title and information about an event (dates, etc.). You may also upload personal photos or brand specific logos to add your own unique touch.

PRIVATE/CUSTOM LABEL PROCESS — Let our creative team help you design your idea. Being creative is in everything we do. We help our customers grow their businesses with our creative services, from personal photos to brand specific logos we will develop a striking designed label that suits your needs. Our in-house designers are well educated to get the best solution that helps your business grow. Our goal is to provide you with the finest products and services available in the industry.

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