Promoting Your Brand with Design CreativiTEA!

They say that seeing is believing – and that’s especially true when it comes to marketing your brand, promoting a product or creating gifts or mementos to celebrate a special event. Visual cues attract attention, create connections and generate memories, making great design essential for success.

Edible Party Favors - The New Trend

In this crazy world we live in, more and more people are turning to simple and practical living. Ten years ago Weddings and Showers were extravagant-including the party favors. The new trend is giving something useful, simple and something everyone can relate to…FOOD and DRINK! Tasty tokens will have guests remembering your special day! Whether you make them yourself or order them from artisanal foodies, your guests will know your gifts were crafted with love.

Here are some simple ideas that are trending across wedding tables:


Effective marketing campaigns go way beyond giving out canvas bags and pens. To be a true success, promotional giveaways must be designed to have a lasting message in mind.
Most companies design their ads and promotional materials based on a concept that will tie a product or service together with a powerful message about their company. Due to the competition in todays business world, “Branding” is more important than ever.

HEMP Tea May Help… A Weekly Report

Our Cannabinoid-Infused (CBD) HEMP Tea is known to help relieve symptoms from a variety of illnesses and diseases. These medicinal blends were originally formulated to help people suffering from pain, discomfort and for nausea associated with chemotherapy. During our research, we found the benefits of the CBD oils to be effective with many other ailments. Our HEMP Tea is pharmaceutically infused to assure that it does not contain THC; therefore, it does not show up on any drug tests.

All About London Fogs

We’re always getting asked our favorite tea drinks and recipes. We also love hearing from our customers what their favorite tea drinks and recipes are – from sweet hot tea combinations to tangy iced teas. The past few years there has been a major boom in popularity with the London Fog.


Christkindlmarkt has been recognized two times by Travel & Leisure as one of the best Holiday Markets in the USA. Celebrate the 25th year of this spectacular Christmas event with activities the whole family will love. If you're looking for holiday fun, gather your loved ones and come stroll through winter wonderland in the Lehigh Valley.

Be Mindful and Meditate with Tea

Incorporate the ritual of tea in your everyday life for peace and wellness.

Boil water, brew tea, and sip pure goodness. Take a break from reality and disconnect from the daily grind. While sipping away, focus on your breathing and talk positive to yourself. Breath the steam and be aware. Close your eyes and pay attention to each breath. You may find that the rest of your day you are a little more happy, relaxed and present.
Its worth a try.

1. Purchase Quality Tea.
Try going for the ancient green leaves from The Tea Can Company.

How Drinking Tea and Herbal Blends can help your Body, Mind and Soul.

Some say they love the warm soothing aroma and some says its the quenching flavor of their favorite tea over ice on a hot day, but the fact is the healing powers of this ancient beverage continue to interest doctors and scientist more and more each day. Recent research, suggests drinking tea may help prevent everything from cavities to Parkinson’s disease. And some studies even indicate it may lead to longevity.


Are you ready for Halloween? The Tea Can Company is! We just launched several new Halloween tea can designs for the season. Funny, cute, and even spooky! We have the perfect design to fit your Halloween spirit. If you are throwing a party – tea is the perfect favor. If you are giving out treats – tea is the perfect gift! Below are our recommendations for an unforgettable Halloween experience.

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