Specialty Gifts

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  • Lady Chamomile Greeting Card

    Lady Chamomile Greeting Card

  • Lady Green Greeting Card

    Lady Green Greeting Card

  • Serene Herbal, Raspberry Oolong, Lemon Verbena, Sencha Green, and Daily Detox Large Let It Be® Gift Basket for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, Summer, College, Birthdays, and Holidays

    Large Let It Be® Gift Basket

  • Lemon Lady Greeting Card

    Lemon Lady Greeting Card


    Loose Tea Clamp Infuser

  • Customizable Monet's Artist Palette with Mini Tins in a flavor of your choice

    Monet’s Artist Palette

  • Sashiko Patterns Green Tea and Teacups Gift Set

    Sashiko Patterns Gift Set

  • Religious Serenity Tea Tall Tins and Tea Towel Prayer Set

    Serenity Prayer Set

  • Sharaku Portraits Green Tea and Teacups Gift Set

    Sharaku Portraits Gift Set

  • Tea Party Greeting Card

    Tea Party Greeting Card

  • Tokaido Scenes Green Tea and Teacups Gift Set

    Tokaido Scenes Gift Set

  • Slimming and Lifting Customizable Wooden Let it Be Tea Mini Tin Variety Box

    Wooden Let It Be® Variety Box

  • Santa Mini Tins With Honey Pops

    Santa Mini Tins With Honey Pops

  • Customizable Specialty Blend Large Snowflake Gift Basket for Holidays, Christmas, and Birthdays

    Large Snowflake Gift Basket

  • 2 Can Tartan Snowflake Tea Gift Box Set with Honey Lollipop Stirrer for Christmas and other Holidays

    Snowflake Gift Box Set

  • Healthy Customizable Large Easter Tea Gift Basket with 2 Honey Lollipop Stirrers

    Large Easter Tea Gift Basket

  • Healthy Customizable 5 Holiday Wreath Mini Tin Tea Variety Set in flavors of your choice

    Holiday Wreath Variety Pack

  • Customizable Specialty Blend Christmas Luxury Gift Set for Holidays, Christmas, and Birthdays

    Christmas Luxury Gift Set

  • Saint Patrick's Day Bundle

    Saint Patrick’s Day Bundle


Specialty Gifts Available!

Birthdays, Mother’s Days, Father’s Days, housewarming presents, wedding presents, Winter Holidays – there are so many gift-giving occasions in our lives that the need to constantly come up with different gift ideas can become overwhelming. Here at The Tea Can Company we completely understand your struggle, so we have curated a section filled with specialty tea gift ideas for your loved ones, colleagues, or even yourself. Remember to treat yourself once in a while; you deserve a gift as well! So, with just a few scrolls and clicks, you can order any of these specialty tea gift sets with gorgeous packaging right to your doorstep from the comfort of your own home to give as gifts for whatever occasion is next.

What types of Specialty Gifts do we carry?

We have tea gift sets of various themes, including floral tea set, herbal tea set, caffeine-free tea set, and black tea packs. If there is a specific holiday coming up, we also carry holiday-specific gift baskets, including the Christmas Luxury Gift Set and Easter Tea Gift Basket. Our tea gift baskets and sets all come in a variety of sizes, items, and packaging styles, so you do not have to worry about being unable to find a set suitable for you or the tea lovers in your life.

If you are looking for gifts that include more than just tea boxes, we’ve got you covered as well. We have gift sets that include a box of tea and two Japanese-style teacups of which you can choose from a variety of different designs, including Sashiko patterns and blue and white patterns. For those who love Japanese art, we have teacups featuring Tokaido scenes or Sharaku portraits.

Feel like writing a heartfelt or funny message to accompany your tea gift? We offer the option to include a gift message! Or, if you feel like including a handwritten message on a card with your gift, we carry blank greeting cards with various beautiful tea-related artistic paintings which are perfect for any occasion. And finally, we also have other tea accessories, such as local raw honey, honey lollipop stirrers, and loose tea leaf clamp infusers that would make for perfect gifts for tea lovers.

Our specialty tea gift section helps you in finding the perfect gift for the tea lovers in your life by taking out the guess work and putting everything in one easy to access page. Take a look at our selection and be inspired by all the different tea gift ideas!